Premium Torogan


Balay-balay ta usab!
Let’s play house again!

We are bringing you a bigger and better 3D Torogan – an eighty-piece puzzle made from reclaimed wood, refined and crafted by our wood artisans.

The 3D Torogan is a toy house scaled and modeled from the torogan, the ancestral house of Maranao royalty.

The Maranaos are an ethnoliguistic group from Lanao del Sur. They populated the lands surrounding the great Lanao (Maranao for ‘lake’), but in contemporary times have migrated to other places in the Philippines.

The torogan was central to the Maranao community life. It was where the sultan held meetings with datus (chieftains), and held royal weddings and community games, among many other key community activities. Now, there are only a few torogan left standing.

The 3D Torogan is an excellent gift that inspires a look into the rich Maranao culture. It is an educational tool for both the young and old to learn and explore the intelligent design of pre-colonial and Mindanao architecture.

We accept pre-orders and we can give quotations to organizations.

Excluded shipping fee but free delivery for Davao City residents.

Summerific Discount!
Amount: 7500 (original 9,999php)

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